Happy Mother’s Day! - JAPAN CRAZE Magazine vol.28 -

The second Sunday of May is "Mother's Day" in Japan.
When researching, it seems that many countries have a similar day for mothers, but the date varies depending on the country. Unfortunately, for those in countries where Mother's Day has already passed this year, please use this article as a reference for next year 😅


What do we do for Mother's Day in Japan?

In Japan, it is common to give carnations to mothers along with words of gratitude for their daily blessings.
Other gifts are also given to celebrate the occasion, such as something they like or something that will make them happy.

Children make handmade gifts such as a portrait or a message card of their mother, or "Chore Coupons" ( coupons that the mother can use to ask for help) to give to their mother on Mother's Day.

According to a 2021 report by Cross Marketing Inc., a private Japanese marketing research firm, published in the Japan Marketing Research Association (JMRA), the number of respondents who visited their mothers and had dinner together was low at that time, as they were less likely to see their families living apart due to the pandemic. Therefore, although few respondents celebrated by visiting their mothers or having a meal together, the most common response by far was "giving gifts".

Source: Survey on Mother's Day and Father's Day (2021) by Cross Marketing Inc.


Have you decided on a gift for your mother yet?

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WQC TILLET series of facial devices used in esthetic salons in Japan

WQC TILLET W-Gear Beauty Face Scalp Care is a facial device that allows you to experience salon-quality beauty treatments at home. It uses ionization to deliver beauty ingredients from your toner or lotion deep into your skin, as well as special electric pulse waveforms and a weak electric current to provide electrical stimulation.

If you are concerned about sagging, wrinkles, or dark circles around your eyes, we recommend the WQC TILLET I-UP Beauty Face Eye Care, which focuses on caring for the eye area and laugh lines.

By adopting a manufacturing method that is purely made in Japan, they have been able to achieve the quality expected of a true Japanese brand.


DEWCOLA – Total anti-aging skincare cosmetics that nurture your skin from the inside out

DEWCOLA is a professional skincare brand that incorporates only high-quality, evidence-based ingredients known for their ability to improve skin conditions. It is free of colorants, fragrances, mineral oil, and alcohol.

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The lotion is made with high-quality deep sea water from Japan's Muroto Sea. Carefully selected ingredients that brighten, grow, and firm the skin are all added.


JYXYER ZENJIRO – A Japanese tea using only carefully selected premium tea leaves

May is the season for tea picking, or "chatsumi," in Japan.
The first harvested tea leaves of the year are called "shincha" or "ichiban-cha," and once again, delicious Japanese tea is being produced this year.
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JYXYER ZENJIRO Matcha Shizuoka is the highest quality matcha with a particle size of 10 microns. It is also great to pair with the Hi-bi Matcha bowl whisk set for an authentic matcha-making experience.

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How was it?

This time, we introduced recommended products for Mother's Day gifts.
We hope you have a wonderful Mother's Day with j-Grab Mall products♪

Mom, thank you always! I love you!

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Naoko Saito
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