Candy Bar Soap - A Combination of Technology and Beauty - JAPAN CRAZE Magazine vol.22 -

Soap filled with fresh fruits and flowers that look as if they are about to bloom.
When you see it for the first time, you may wonder if it is real soap at all!

This newsletter will introduce you to "Candy Bar Soap" which looks good on SNS.

Fruits that look fresh are actually a soap

It contains fresh fruit and flower parts, but it is all soap.
Each piece is made by hand, then cut and placed inside the transparent soap.

Each of them has a fresh fragrance and can be used as a fragrance soap.
You can enjoy the scent for a while by placing it in your room or closet before using it for bath time.

Soap with high-impact visuals


The Moisturizing Power of Soaps

We have seen similar candy bar soaps in Southeast Asia, but we have been told by the Japanese manufacturer that the candy bar soaps sold in Japan are made with purely plant-based materials and are gentler on the skin than those sold overseas. The quality and efficacy of the Japanese products are different, and the Japanese products are manufactured with better quality.

Overseas products have a strong fragrance, which may cause skin irritation, and many people do not like them. Therefore, while it is fine for washing hands, it may cause problems if used on the entire body, so please be careful.

The candy bar soap sold at j-Grab Mall this time is characterized by its high moisturizing power due to the glycerin used.

It can be used for washing your face as well as your body. One soap can be used for both body and face, so it's useful even in the morning when you don't have much time.

And it can be used by the whole family, from those with sensitive skin to children.


The Candy Bar Soap Produced In Japan Are Made Only With The Best Plant-Based Ingredients

Appearance is not the only important factor.

This soap is made by selecting purely plant-based ingredients.

This is an eco-friendly item that we are interested in now. There are many inexpensive soaps on the market with only strong ingredients, so please try MadeinJapan candy bar soap made of pure plant ingredients.

Why not select an eco-friendly daily necessity that you will continue to use?

Macaroon soaps are also available!

Only A Few Hundred Pieces Are Produced Per Day!

The bath item brand that produces these soaps carefully crafted each soap by hand.

Since the various types of parts in soap are made one by one with great care, mass production is inevitably impossible.
Each soap is unique, and the different designs make it fun to choose from


The Reason For Being Recognized

Staff members involved in the brand utilize Instagram and other means to share the advantages of this product from a woman's perspective.
They then worked to develop new sales channels.
They were able to get major variety stores to carry their products and gradually gained recognition in Japan.

Pick up the bar you're most interested in!

Items that are both materially and visually pleasing are perfect as a reward for yourself or as a gift for a loved one.

Please try using it during bath time when you want to relax at the end of the day, or during shower time in the morning when you want to feel refreshed.

[For safe use]
Beware of accidental ingestion.
When using it with small children, please handle it with care.
Please remove the bar before using candy bar soap.


JAPAN CRAZE Store Manager
Naoko Saito
Japan craze magazine