The Famous Mountain – Mt. Fuji that can be admired at Home - JAPAN CRAZE Magazine vol.21 -

​​It is now late January, and the cold of the winter in Japan is in full force.

The Japanese archipelago, with its long north-south geography, belongs to a variety of climatic zones, ranging from subarctic in the north to subtropical in the south. The Japanese archipelago is also home to a mountain range of high mountains.

Due to the characteristic of Japanese topography, winters are often cloudy, snowy, and rainy on the Sea of Japan side, while sunny days are more common on the Pacific side.

In Japan, weather conditions vary greatly from region to region.

Fuji in “winter makeup” as seen from the plane

Let us introduce you to the famous Mt. Fuji, located in the center of the Japanese archipelago.

Mt. Fuji was registered as a World Heritage site in 2013. It is not only popular among Japanese but also foreigners.

Especially in winter, many people would like to see the snow-capped peak of the mountain at least once.

Mt. Fuji appears when the glass is overturned!


Many items in the shape of Mt.Fuji

In fact, many items in the shape of Mt. Fuji had been commercialized before the number of inbound visitors increased.

This is a glass called "Ochoko" used for drinking Japanese sake.
The size of this glass is small enough to fit in the palm of an adult's hand. The sake can be poured into this small glass.

This is handmade glassware, thus it is perfect as a gift due to its uniqueness and one-of-a-kind.

You can also use it to drink liquor like tequila, whiskey, or brandy, or if you do not drink alcohol, you can display them in your room as interior decorations. You can also give them as tableware or decorations to family members, friends, or colleagues who like sake or Japan.

Mt. Fuji-shaped bowl with a cherry blossom design that can also be enjoyed

This item is a bowl that can be used as tableware.
When viewing from the top, the slightly deep tableware reveals a rim with an image of cherry blossoms, while when viewing from the side with the bowl face down, you can see Mt.Fuji! This is a great design that allows you to enjoy two designs in one.

Mt.Fuji motif items available at the j-Grab Mall are all beautifully designed and you can enjoy a uniquely Japanese feel.


The Tokaido Shinkansen and Mt.Fuji

One last piece of advice from us!

Mt.Fuji does not necessarily have snow on the summit all year round.
During the summer months, the snow on the summit almost always melts. If you would like to see Mt. Fuji covered with snow, please visit Japan between October and June of the following year.

And from the Tokaido Shinkansen, which brings together Japan's proud technology, you can enjoy traveling while looking at Mt.Fuji from the train window. (The section with a view is limitd to
some parts only)
The scenery of the countryside and Mt. Fuji seen from the train window is also wonderful.

Please come to see Mt. Fuji and rediscover Japan once again, Whether you are a first-time visitor to Japan or a repeat visitor!


JAPAN CRAZE Store Manager
Naoko Saito
Japan craze magazine