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Ideal clothing that dresses every woman's figure beautifully.
In this issue, we introduce the fashion brand "ITALIYA"!

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What is ITALIYA?

ITALIYA is an apparel brand born in Tokyo in 1971 and is now a well-established brand with 63 stores in famous department stores such as Mitsukoshi, Matsuzakaya, and Seibu, 30 directly managed stores, and 400 specialty stores.


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ITALIYA in Tokyu Plaza Akasaka

Pursued design

The theme of ITALIYA's design is "wild elegance”.
ITALIYA was the first in Japan to introduce animal patterns and pursues originality without regard to the trends (fashions) of the times.


Design Characteristics

The company name "ITALIYA" is derived from Italy, the land of passion.
It incorporates the depth of Italian tradition and history, as well as the dynamism of passionate and fleshy people while blending the elegant traditions and aesthetic sense of Japan to beautifully dress every woman's body shape.


The bold animal pattern is eye-catching.

If your country's culture, religion, or taste dictates that animal prints are not acceptable, don't worry! ITALIYA's designs come in a wide variety.


From casual to elegant, we offer fashions that suit you.


A wide variety of colors available


High-quality comfort without feeling constricted

ITALIYA clothes are tailored with a focus on high-quality comfort that allows for deep relaxation, something you would never expect from their bold designs and colors.
High-quality materials give you a sense of peace of mind just by touching them, and they are lightweight and smooth to wear.


It heals just by wearing it.


Comfortable, high quality wear for a comfortable everyday life


Sustainable Fashion

The SDGs are now attracting attention around the world.
According to the "Survey work on fashion and the environment: Consumer survey on fashion consumption habits" released by Japan's Ministry of the Environment in 2021, the Japanese public's interest in sustainable fashion is particularly high among women aged 35 and older, and among Generation Z, interest is high among women in their late teens and men in their early twenties.


Source:Ministry of the Environment, Government of Japan

ITALIYA clothes, which place importance on quality, are loved by many customers as a fashion that can be cherished for a long time, transcending generations from parents to children.
ITALIYA has continued to create clothes with a focus on quality, not being bound by trends. ITALIYA believes that cherishing and continuing to use our clothes as precious memories, rather than as disposable fashion for one season, will eventually lead to a better future.

Spring is just around the corner!
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JAPAN CRAZE Store Manager
Naoko Saito
Japan craze magazine