Let's enjoy creating original art with KITPAS! - JAPAN CRAZE Magazine vol.25 -

The j-Grab Mall offers a wide variety of interior products to decorate your room, including hanging scrolls, ceramics, lighting, art, and more.
But wouldn't it be even better if you and your family could create and display your own original art?
In this issue, we would like to introduce you to art kits.

Mysterious Crayon – Introducing KITPAS Art Crayons

Rich ideas are important for art...?

Children drawing on the windowpane!
My God!!
And drawing on the bathtub this time?!

You must be thinking, "This is a lot of work to clean up!" But don't worry!
KITPAS Art Crayons can be used on smooth surfaces such as windows and mirrors, and can be easily wiped off with a damp cloth.
The bath version is even easier to wipe clean than the regular KITPAS Art Crayons.

KITPAS encourages all generations to enjoy the "graffiti culture".


Crayons that are designed not only for quality, but also for health, environment, and safety

KITPAS Art Crayons, with their smooth drawing and vivid colors, are made with many things in mind.
They are made of wax derived from rice bran produced in Japan, making them safe even if children put them in their mouths.
Because they are water-soluble, the crayons can be dissolved in water for use as pigments or in a wide range of other applications, making these paints enjoyable for both children and adults.

It is designed to float to avoid accidents that may occur when trying to pick up a sunken KITPAS shapes from the bathtub.


How about your original design vase? Re-shibo customizable vase

One example of the use of KITPAS Art Crayons is the Re-shibo Customizable Flower Vase by SANO DESIGN.

Combination of sharp aesthetics of recycled aluminum and Japanese cedar wood

This beautifully formed aluminum vase is made of scrap wood that has been carefully processed and given new life by a metalworking company in Kawasaki, Kanagawa Prefecture.
Simple and modern as it is, it can also be designed in various ways with the included KITPAS Art Crayons.

One-of-a-kind vase that can be personalized with your favorite illustrations and text


Environmentally friendly products to enjoy art

Let us introduce another paper cushioning material designed by SANO DESIGN featuring tea leaves.

Nine color variations that evoke a sense of Japanese seasonality and delicacy

Cushionsan LeavesTea is a unique wrapping item that can be used as a cushioning material.
When rolled up or folded, the incised tree leaves float three-dimensionally, so they can be used as art depending on your ideas.


Makes the recipient smile and enjoy the gift.


Can unused cosmetics be turned into paints? Introducing the SminkArt Kit

Eye shadow, blush, foundation... Do you have any powder cosmetics that you no longer use?
Let's enjoy art with the cosmetics you have leftover or kept instead of throwing them away!

The joy of painting with your own original cosmetic paintsThe joy of painting with your own original cosmetic paints

MAN-GATA's SminkArt Kit allows you to make water-soluble paints by mixing the included Magic Water (a special dilution solution) with cosmetics.
The resulting paint can be used on paper, wood, fabric, concrete, acrylic, etc., allowing you to paint with your own original colors.


Accessories and gel nails can also be done!

If you need more color or quantity to make your own using SminkArt Kit, SminkArt Tokimeku Paint Colorful Powder is recommended.

Specially processed contents of cosmetics that are no longer used by cosmetics companies with "magic water", these glittery powdered paints can be used as a colorant for resin, gel nails, candles, bricks, and many other things.

An interesting unique touch that cannot be found in ordinary watercolors.An interesting unique touch that cannot be found in ordinary watercolors.

How was it? There were a lot of unique art kits, weren't there? However, these products were not simply created with unique ideas or technologies. The common thread among them was that they were created through the cooperation of companies, pooling their knowledge and working towards achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Source: Rankings The overall performance of all 193 UN Member States/Sustainable Development Report 2022

In 2022, the 10 countries with the highest overall scores for the 17 SDG indicators are as shown.
Japan is ranked 19th.
At j-Grab Mall, we will continue to introduce many more products that address the SDGs.

JAPAN CRAZE Store Manager
Naoko Saito
Japan craze magazine