j-Grab Mall showroom store in Singapore, March 2023

"j-Grab Mall" showroom store event was successfully held from March 1 (Wed) to 31 (Fri), 2023 at the JTB Rurubu Gift Shop on the 3rd floor of Takashimaya, Singapore! It was a month-long run event.

And for three days from March 10 (Fri.) to 12 (Sun.), the area was expanded from the usual time, and many samples of products born in Japan were displayed in the store, attracting many customers.
In particular, this year's exhibition focused on attractive products from companies in Kawasaki City, located between Yokohama City and Tokyo.

Visitors to the j-Grab Mall showroom were able to hold the products in their hands, take pictures of POP with QR codes of the products they were interested in with their smartphones, and view the j-Grab Mall website on the iPads set up in the store.

By the way, we have some happy news to share!

The j-Grab Mall showroom store in Singapore has been so popular that it will become a permanent showroom store from April 2023!
If you are in Singapore, please stop by the "j-Grab Mall" showroom store when you visit Takashimaya Singapore!

There will be more "j-Grab Mall" Showroom events/stores to be held/set up around the world in the near future.
Please look forward to them in other regions as well!

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