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With the early summer weather, the city is gradually coming back to life in Japan these days.

After this pleasant season will soon be over, Japan will be in the grip of an extremely hot summer.

If you have spent even one summer in Japan, you know how intense the heat can be.

The hot and humid heat, especially in Japan's urban areas, is so hot and humid that walking on concrete feels like being on a steel plate, frizzled and burned, and swallowed by the hot wind.


In Japan, however, there are many items to beat the heat that have been handed down from generation to generation.

A bamboo screen to block out the sun, an uchiwa fan to create a breeze at your own pace, a wind chime to feel cool by its sound, and a hand towel to wipe away sweat are all wonderful things created by the wisdom of our ancestors who wanted to make life as comfortable as possible.


In recent years, tenugui (hand towels) have become less common, but in summer, men and women of all ages make use of hand towels to wipe away sweat.

In Japan, a towel measuring 20 to 40 cm square is called a hand towel. They are useful for wiping sweat during the hot and humid summer season.


Among towels, Imabari Towel is now a world-renowned towel brand representing Japan.

Imabari — the towel makers first became famous when they attracted attention overseas, winning consecutive Grand Prix awards at the New York Home Textile Show.

Currently, it is designated as a "JAPAN Brand Development Support Project" by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry, and efforts are underway to establish the brand as Imabari Towel.


Source:Imabari Towel Brand Site

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