Wrapping with Traditional Japanese Gift Ornament (Noshi) - JAPAN CRAZE Magazine vol.5 -

The red ribbon design in the top image of j-Grab Mall, which is an image of noshi-gami, is very impressive, isn't it?

In Japan, it is customary to attach noshi-gami to gifts given during formal occasions.

This time, we would like to introduce this unique Japanese gift wrapping culture.

What kind of wrapping paper is Noshi paper?

As an image, the gift is wrapped in wrapping paper, and then another sheet of slightly smaller, simpler wrapping paper is further wrapped around the gift.

 And the line printed in the center of the noshi paper has an important meaning.

The Bowknot – “Butterfly Knot”

The central ribbon is called a "butterfly knot" because it looks like a butterfly.

The "butterfly knot" can be tied over and over again, so it is used for celebrations and general gifts that can be repeated many times, such as births, various celebrations, mid-year and year-end gifts, and so on.

However, it has a fine meaning that it is not used for wedding gifts, condolences, or visits for illness or disasters, as it is not appropriate for things that should not be repeated.

There are many other types of noshi paper. It will be trouble if you accidentally put a condolence gift on a gift that is intended for a congratulatory event.

If you are interested in adding noshi-gami to your purchases in Japan, please consult with the staff at the store.

Among the products that we offer at j-Grab Mall, some of them will be wrapped with noshi-gami and delivered to you.

You may be surprised to find that the product you have chosen may also arrive wrapped in noshi paper!

JAPAN CRAZE Store Manager
Naoko Saito
Japan craze magazine