“Kashiori” – The Gift-giving for Someone You Care About - JAPAN CRAZE Magazine vol.17 -

In Japan, the year-end and New Year gift-giving season begin around mid-November. This is the season when people start thinking about what to give as gifts.

Japanese wrapping was introduced in j-Grab Mall Magazine Vol. 5, and this time, we will introduce the sweets in outer boxes.


Cookie tin in an old-fashioned outer box

What kind of confectionery is Kashiori?

They are a type of confectionery with outer boxes (folded boxes), which you can often see in the basement food sections of airports and department stores in Japan.
Why does the confectionery come in boxes?

In the past, confectioneries themselves were luxury items. Placing them in a box enhanced the prestige of the confectioneries.
And by giving confectioneries in a box, you can also express your desire to “pay due respect to the recipient”.

It can be said to be a condensed form of courtesy that expresses a uniquely Japanese nuance of “humility”.


Rolled cookies in the shape of a roll

Where can you buy Kashiori?

You can find a wide variety of Kashiori from many confectionery manufacturers at airports, duty-free stores, Shinkansen stations, and department store food counters in Japan.

The airport's lineup of Kashiori is well suited to the tastes of foreigners.
For those who want to see products that are likely to become popular in the future and are not yet known abroad, we recommend visiting the department store's sales floor in Japan.

Colorful chocolates look great on social media.

Outer Box – The Face of The Product

A long time ago, the most common packaging for confectionery was a solid can. The feature of these cans is that they can protect confectioneries from moisture and shocks.

In recent years, from the perspective of the SDGs, paper packaging has also been seen. Even though they are made of paper, they are made of high-quality materials that protect the contents as well as cans.



How About A Gift For Someone Special?

When we interviewed foreign members of j-Grab about “Kashiori”, we received some interesting answers.

When asked what items they purchase at duty-free stores at airports when returning from Japan, many said “Kashiori”.

For example, “My friends love Japanese confectioneries”, “It is customary to prepare gifts for family and friends during New Year's and festive occasions”, etc.
It made me feel proud as a Japanese person that they chose Japanese confectioneries that much.

j-Grab Mall offers a wide selection of confectionery products manufactured in Japan.
The gift-giving season is just around the corner, so get ready early at j-Grab Mall!

JAPAN CRAZE Store Manager
Naoko Saito
Japan craze magazine