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The world-famous Japanese food was generally associated with “sushi, tempura, and sashimi”.

When I talk about Japanese food with foreigners, the names of these dishes invariably come up, and recently "ramen" has certainly risen to the top of the list.


Tonkotsu (Pork bone) ramen popular both in Japan and abroad

The Roots of Ramen

Ramen is a dish that combines soup, noodles, and toppings that has its roots in Chinese noodle cuisine.

The major difference from Chinese noodle dishes is that Chinese soups are all-purpose soups that can be used for stir-fries and other dishes, whereas Japanese soups are made specifically for ramen.

In Japan, soups similar to those used in China were used until the first half of the Showa period. Gradually, artisans became more and more particular and creative, and soups became more and more diverse, depending on the region and restaurant.

The style of ramen evolved and became the style of ramen of today.


A store designed based on a ramen shop in a popular anime

Japanese food culture has long been popular overseas.

No doubt the anime "Naruto" has made ramen even more well-known.

Many foreigners want to try the ramen that the characters in the anime eat so deliciously.

Ichiran's ramen, which is "eaten at the counter with partitions," has a unique style that some foreigners seem to look up to, and they have recently opened restaurants overseas.

Many Japanese ramen restaurants are opening overseas, so you may be able to enjoy Japanese ramen in your country. Unfortunately, soups and noodles are slightly different between Japan and other countries. You will only be able to taste the original ramen in Japan.

Therefore, more and more foreign tourists are visiting Japan for this reason, and the local
Japanese ramen shops that they like to stop by are becoming even more popular.
Source: Japan Travel Bureau Foundation
Let's take a look at the data here.

This graph counts the number of reviews (in English, Korean, and Chinese) of ramen restaurants listed on representative travel review sites by language.

This shows that tonkotsu (pork bone) flavored ramen is the most widely accepted flavor among foreign visitors.

Tonkotsu (pork bone) ramen, which has a richer flavor than soy sauce, is becoming more popular overseas.

In mid-December, j-Grab staff who traveled to Cambodia on business also ate tonkotsu ramen.

A permanent j-Grab Mall showroom store is now open at AEON Cambodia's Meanchey branch.


A full lineup of Japanese Regional Ramen


Japanese Regional Ramen that can be eaten anywhere, regardless of your physical location

The existence of “regional ramen," which is closely connected to the culture of each region of Japan, should not be overlooked.

The ramen created through the history of each region has become known throughout Japan and the world on the wave of SNS diffusion.

One after another, food product manufacturers are releasing regional ramen noodles that recreate regional flavors.

Never underestimate a cup of ramen!

These products have an authentic taste that is well incorporated with the spirits and techniques of Japanese people in pursuit of deliciousness.

The “regional ramen" products available at the j-Grab Mall have been selected by j-Grab's discerning buyers. The lineup is rich in variety in terms of quantity and taste.

Among them, there is an assortment of "Nissin Foods Cup Noodle Super Combination," which has gained popularity from social networking sites. It is a cup noodle with combined soup that combines two of the standard flavors.

Take this opportunity to check out your favorite ramen at j-Grab Mall.

If there's ramen that's not available in the j-Grab Mall that you'd like to try, you can just send a request to the j-Grab staff!


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