Ajinomoto Miso Soup Full 5 kinds variety 10 Pack Japan

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It is made with a special process that achieves the original flavor and color of the ingredients.
The ingredients and dashi miso are made separately and then packed together, so there is no transfer of salt or loss of color to the ingredients during the cooking process.
The finished product is a colorful miso soup that allows you to taste the original deliciousness of the ingredients.


Powdered miso, dried deep-fried eggplant, dextrin, dried deep-fried tofu, dried green onion, dried bonito flakes powder, lactose, bonito extract, sugar, yeast extract, wheat and soybean fermentation seasoning, starch/seasoning (amino acid, etc.), antioxidant (V.E.), coagulant for tofu, dried tofu, dried wakame (seaweed), dried seasoned burdock root, sorbitol, fu, dried Komatsuna (contains wheat, dairy ingredients and soybeans)

Directions for use
Pour the contents of the bag into a bowl or cup, pour 160 ml of boiling water, stir well, and serve. Please be careful with boiling water when cooking or eating.

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