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B.C.FORCE PURE SKIN is a Halal-certified next-generation lotion specializing in skin rejuvenation.

It quickly penetrates deep into the skin through the power of terahertz, replenishes missing electrons of water, and promotes beautiful skin by removing active oxygen.

It is made of only "water," "plant extract mixture," and "chondroitin sulfate," and the moisturizing effects of polyphenols, flavonoids, amino acids, and chondroitin contained in plant minerals lead to beautiful skin filled with moisture.

It is safe to use for sensitive skin, rough skin, UV protection, booster lotion, etc., as no preservatives or chemicals are used.

<Effects and Benefits>
・Moisturizes the skin, gives skin elasticity and luster, and conditions the skin's surface.
・Prevents sun spots and freckles.
・It maintains the skin's natural health and prevents rough skin.

<How to use>
After cleansing, spray about 5 pumps directly over the entire skin in a mist 30 cm away from the skin and blend with the palm of the hand.
Also use when you are concerned about dry skin.

※When using this product in combination with other basic cosmetics, allow this product to acclimate before proceeding to the next step.
※Do not refill bottles to preserve quality.

Contents 120ml
Ingredients Water, plant extract mixture (chrysanthemum, rose, japanese white birch, maple) chondroitin sulfate

Made in Japan


[B.C. Force Pure®] is a series of beauty products produced using terahertz technology.

The water, which harbors terahertz waves, approaches skin and scalp damaged by various chemicals, daily stress, and nutritional deficiencies.
It also aims to prevent and repair oxidation caused by too many active oxygen species.

Terahertz waves (1THz) vibrate a trillion times per second.
The force of its vibration prevents oxidation and spoilage without the use of preservatives or stabilizers.
It also penetrates the skin remarkably quickly, maintains a healthy pH level, and regulates the balance of mineral ions inside and outside the body.

This unique terahertz technology provides an ideal pH value for the skin, resulting in healthier, younger-looking skin.


H158mm W42mm D42mm


Water, plant extract mixture (chrysanthemum, rose, japanese white birch, maple) chondroitin sulfate

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