B.C.FORCE PURE SKIN Terahertz Technology Lotion moisture Anti-aging Halal Japan

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Next-generation lotion with Halal certification

B.C.FORCE PURE SKIN is a Halal-certified lotion specializing in skin rejuvenation.
It quickly penetrates deep into the skin through the power of terahertz, replenishes missing electrons of water, and promotes beautiful skin by removing active oxygen.

It is made of only "water," "plant extract mixture," and "chondroitin sulfate," and the moisturizing effects of polyphenols, flavonoids, amino acids, and chondroitin contained in plant minerals lead to beautiful skin filled with moisture.

It is safe to use for sensitive skin, rough skin, UV protection, booster lotion, etc., as no preservatives or chemicals are used.


H158mm W42mm D42mm


Water, plant extract mixture (chrysanthemum, rose, japanese white birch, maple) chondroitin sulfate

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