Hokusai "Kanmachi Festival Cart Masculine Waves" four-part framed item

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Shinshu Obuse (Obuse, Kamitakai District, Nagano Prefecture), where Hokusai often visited. In 1842, when Hokusai was 83 years old, he visited Obuse at the first time. He was protected by Kozan Takai, a wealthy local farmer and merchant, and was given a studio. Their relationship was so close that they called each other "Sensei" and "Dan-sama". Hokusai left his masterpiece in a very blessed environment. In 1844, he created the Higashimachi Festival float ceiling paintings "Dragon" and "Phoenix", and in the following year, 1845, the Uemachi Festival float ceiling paintings "Kanmachi Festival Cart Masculine Waves" and "Menamizu", and in 1847 at the age of 88, he created the ceiling painting "Phoenix" in the main hall of Iwamatsu-in. Hokusai wished for his own progress in his paintings without losing his passion for painting even in his old age. His Hokusai culmination blossomed in Obuse. Based on the "Kanmachi Festival Cart Masculine Waves" from the Hokusai Museum (general incorporated foundation Hokusaikan) in Obuse, the ceiling painting of the Uemachi Festival Cart Masculine Waves was reproduced on silk as an interior, divided into four parts, and framed.

Reproduce the force Kyoto dyeing craftsmanship
The craftsmen of the Kyoto Yuzen dyeing shop "Kameda Tomi Dyeing Factory" hand-dyes silk one by one and reproduces it. The molds, which are made one by one, are made by a traditional craftsman who draws every detail. Using them, we layer colors one by one and carefully create one piece of fabric. It also can be said that the craftsmanship has been built up over a long history can be said to be the skill of craftsmen who carefully express the crashing crests of the waves, and the roughness of the ocean.

Framed in 4 parts
By dividing it into four parts, it is possible to focus on each splash of the waves, creating a powerful interior. You can decorate all 4 together. You can also decorate one by one in each room, and enjoy the atmosphere of Hokusai whether you display them together as a single picture, or arrange them vertically or horizontally.




Frame: wood, acrylic
Dyed material: silk

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