Majolica Porcelain Super Stainless Teapot Hasami Ware 420ml Nagasaki Japan

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A teapot with a utility model super stainless steel teapot (SS teapot).

<< Utility model acquired >>

The characteristic of SS tea strainer is
-Since the bottom of the net is not squeezed like the conventional product, the tea leaves open slowly and well, so you can fully bring out the deliciousness of the tea.
-Since the mesh of the tea strainer is finer than the conventional product, it is difficult for small pieces of tea leaves to mix, and you can enjoy tea with a smooth texture and a smooth throat.

Also, due to this feature, it is also suitable for making leaf-type black tea and nutritious powdered tea with tea leaves.
-Easy to clean up and clean.

Since the net is in the shape of a "face", the tea leaves are less likely to get caught, and the tea leaves can be removed simply by flushing with water.
-Difficult to deform. Since the net is fixed by the frame of the stainless steel plate, it can be prevented from bending or denting.

Size / capacity
Φ10 x 8.5 cm 420 ml

Production area: Hasami ware from Nagasaki prefecture
Materials / ingredients: Porcelain / Stainless steel
Package: Color cardboard

It can be used in microwave ovens and dishwashers. Please remove the shavings in the microwave.


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