man-gata SminkArt Kit Turns your disused cosmetics into water-soluble paints

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<A kit to turn your disused cosmetics into paints!>
This DIY kit allows you to make your own paints from your own powdered cosmetics such as eye shadow, blush, and foundation.
※Powdered cosmetics are cosmetics that appear to be powdered, such as cosmetics pressed into a metal plate or cosmetics that are still in powder form in a container. (If you touch it and it is wet with oil, you may not be able to turn it into the paint.)

In this kit, you will find all the equipment you need to make cosmetic paints. One of the supplies, magic water (a special diluent), can be mixed with cosmetics to make water-soluble cosmetic paints.
※ The powdered cosmetics are coated with oil so that they do not fall off with perspiration on the skin. The magic water makes such powdered cosmetics dissolvable in water.

<Characteristics of magic water>
①The powdered cosmetics, which are difficult to dissolve in water, can be made to dissolve in water.
 ※ Once the magic water and the cosmetics are mixed together to form a paste, the shade can be adjusted with just water, just like ordinary paints.
② Disperse the powder and color evenly.
③ After applying to the object (paper, wood, cloth, concrete, acrylic, etc.), it dries and becomes a film.
 ※ It is not suitable for use on objects that are exposed to rain or washing.
④ The product is surfactant-free and made from only cosmetic ingredients. It is also manufactured by a cosmetic OEM company, so there is less risk of it coming into contact with the skin.
 ※ The shelf life of this product is 3 years from the date of purchase in a cool and dark place.

<The 4 fun things about the SminkArt kit>
① The fun of making your own water-soluble paints from cosmetics
② Enjoy painting with your own original cosmetic paints.
③ The fun of appreciating the glittery works of art you have created.
④ The fun to use it in various ways as a color material other than paints.

This kit consists of:
・Kit case [257mm x 257mm x 41mm]
・Partition board
・Water brush pen
・5 mini containers for storing crushed cosmetics x 5
・14ml of magic water (diluted solution)
・Mini towel
* The powdered cosmetics used to make the paints are not included (please use your own cosmetics).




・Case and partition board:PP
・Water brush pen (liquid can be sealed):PE, PP, Nylon
・Mini container 5 pcs.:PS. PP
・Micro spatulas:PP
・Magic water 14 ml (solution that turns cosmetics into paint): Ingredients not disclosed because of patent pending (14 ml container: PP)
・Mini towel:Cotton

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