Mihotoke Shakyamuni illustration Hand Towel

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Color: White
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This is a hand towel dyed by Chusen — a traditional hand-dyeing technique in Japan.

It is designed and hand-drawn by Mihotoke, and then craftsmen engraved the stencil and hand-dyed it.

You may use it as a summer sweatshirt, during cleaning, or as a tapestry.

[Purple (logo all over)]
All Mihotoke logos are smiling!
We wish that the smiling Buddha would attract good fortune to everyone.

[White (The Birth of Shakyamuni illustration)]
“I am my own Lord throughout heaven and earth.”
As soon as Buddha was born from the right side of his mother, Mrs. Maya, he walked seven steps and pointed to heaven and earth with his finger, saying “I am my own Lord throughout heaven and earth”, and then dragons danced in the heavens and nectar rained down to bless them.

This pattern painted part of the birth scene of Buddha, in which the Baby Buddha walks 7 steps and poses as soon as he is born.

~What is Chusen?
Chusen is a traditional hand-dyeing technique in Japan.
This dyeing method began in Osaka in the latter half of the Meiji period.
The name "Chusen" comes from the fact that dye is poured over several layers of fabric. It is also called Sosogizome or honzome.

~Characteristics of Chusen
Each hand towel is dyed by hand, so you can enjoy the uniqueness and the gentleness that is produced by the hand-dyeing of each piece.
The point is that each piece is produced slightly differently because of the hand-dyeing process.
Unlike prints, even the reverse side of the hand towel can be dyed with different patterns, so you can enjoy the design from both sides of the hand towel.

Please give it a try.


33 cm (length) X 100 cm (width)
12 cm (width) X 20 cm (length) when folded


Cotton 100%

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